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Our Featured Products

  1. AC Drive
    An AC drive, also known as an adjustable frequency drive (AFD), variable frequency drive (VFD), or inverter drive, is an electronic device used to control the speed and torque of an alternating current (AC) motor. It works by varying the frequency and voltage of the electrical power supplied to the motor, allowing for precise control over its operation. AC drives are commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to optimize energy consumption, improve process control, and extend the lifespan of motors by reducing wear and tear. They are essential components in machinery such as pumps, fans, conveyors, and compressors, where variable speed operation is required. AC drives offer benefits such as energy savings, smoother operation, and the ability to tailor motor performance to specific application requirements. Learn More
    As low as $265.00
  2. Non ICC NW Manway Parts
    Parts for Non-ICC NW Manway's: Gaskets, hinges, handles, etc. Learn More
    As low as $20.00
  3. Floating Lid Tube
    Tubes are designed for ICC NW varying capacity storage tanks. Please consult chart for correct size, questions please call (503) 468-6560. Our tube forumla changed in 2021. Learn More
    As low as $0.64
  4. Valve Seats
    Valve seats seal the valve body against the disk to stop flow. Learn More
    As low as $12.65
  5. Fuji Temp & Parts
    The Fuji controller receives information from the temperature sensor and sends open/close signals to the Heat Transfer Jacket solenoid valve. It can also operate direct fire Burners/Immersion Heaters/Etc. Learn More
    As low as $198.00
  6. Parts for Shadowless Inswing/Outswing Manway
    Parts for 16" x 22" Shadowless (Flushmount) Inswing/Outswing Manway. Completely Flush interior. No cleaning shadow. Side mount. Standard is 304 SS. Call if 316L is required. Door plates are custom-made. Call for price and lead time. Learn More
    As low as $41.97
  7. P.R.V. & Vacuum Parts
    Springs, Gaskets etc for P.R.V's Learn More
    As low as $3.36
  8. TC/Gas Fitting Assembly
    The TC x Gas Fitting is used to add a CO2-Nitrogen mix to your serving tank. We can also add a carbonation "stone" to the TC fitting and use the assembly to carbonate your beer. Learn More
    As low as $45.65